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******* Exciting NEW facilities to HIT Cannon Hill Park ********

Article posted 26th April 2016


New facilities for Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham Opening on 12th June 2016!


Visitors to Cannon Hill Park will have the opportunity to see the substantial investment to upgrade some of the old traditional park facilities that has brought pleasure to the thousands of people in the past.


Greenspace Leisure is working along side and in partnership with Birmingham City Council to ensure that visitors to the park received a quality and exciting new experience.


These new opportunities include new modern and up to date equipment that will encourage the whole family to enjoy.


The fun park will be relocated close to all the new attractions providing families a clear view of both the boating area and mini golf that will aid in their supervision. Trained, qualified, courteous and professional individuals from the local area will staff the newly installed rides.


A new environmentally friendly, carbon neutral land train will transport visitors around the park. Stopping at key facilities – including the MAC centre, Nature Centre, Car Park, Mini Golf, Café and Fun Park.


By visiting each of these key locations the land train will be much more than a fun ride for children. It will become an accessible form of transport opening the park to the whole community.


The boating lake will now be a focus of attention for people not only for the boats but a visual attraction across the park. The ten new swan boats are popular will families providing comfortable, safe carriage in an aesthetically pleasing way. The boats are pedal operated with a simple steering mechanism.


Full contact details can be found on Greenspace Leisure website:, or telephone 01455 842318.